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Since 1936, in its Parisian ateliers, Maison Michel has been making hats which could never be considered mere accessories. Every day, hatters and milliners create new pieces using their unique, valuable know-how, passed down with passion from generation to generation. Season after season, artistic director Priscilla Royer draws on the heritage of Maison Michel to reinvent the luxury straw hat in her own way.


How to choose a straw hat?


With straw hats for both men and women, Maison Michel is distinguished by its remarkable creativity and outstanding quality. The straw hat is a must-have fashion accessory that protects the wearer from the sun in summer and, above all, offers everyone the freedom to express their personality with style. Every collection explores the different iconic shapes offered for each passing season by Maison Michel. The straw hat is available in natural brisa straw, Panama straw, sewn straw as well as paper straw.


The House’s flagship model, the Virginie, is a classic fedora featuring a crown designed with a very feminine swirl, while the Charles and the Henrietta offer sleeker and more masculine lines. In addition to fedoras, there are glamorous wide-brimmed hats and cloche hats like the Kate and Julianne, but also boaters and trilbies with more urban, narrow brims, like the Kiki and Ygor. The House creates for every taste and every mood. Just like a piece of clothing, the Maison Michel hat elevates a silhouette and completes a look.