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General Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Subject and Scope of Application
The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter the 'GTCS') govern without restriction the sale, by the company Maison Michel as owner of the MAISON MICHEL PARIS trademark (hereinafter the ‘Vendor’) of articles under the MAISON MICHEL PARIS trademark (hereinafter the ‘Articles’) offered for sale on the site (hereinafter the ‘Site’). The Vendor delivers the Articles throughout the euro zone (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Metropolitan France (including Corsica), Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Andorra and Monaco) and the United Kingdom (hereinafter the ‘Territory’).

Article 2 - Order
The placing of any orders via the Site shall amount to the formation of a distance contract between the Client and the Vendor. To order an Article, the Client should select the Article concerned on the Site and add it to his or her purchase basket by clicking on the ‘Order’ button. The Client may then proceed to purchase Articles by clicking on ‘Enter’. The Client may at any time alter or remove Articles selected on the ‘view basket’ page, via the ‘ Basket ’ displayed at the top right of each of the Site’s pages. Once the Client has completed the selection process, he or she is invited to check the contents of the purchase basket by clicking on the ‘Basket’ icon. This provides an opportunity to correct any errors in input concerning in particular the nature of the Articles, by clicking on ‘Edit’ or ‘Remove’. Having checked the details of the order, the Client must definitively validate it by clicking on ‘Confirm’. The Client is informed that all the Articles selected and placed in the purchase basket, shall remain available for sale to other purchasers until the relevant order has been definitively validated, and that the Vendor provides no guarantee that the price in effect on the day of selection without validation shall be maintained: the applicable price shall be the one in effect when the Client validates his or her order.
After validating the basket by clicking on ‘Confirm’, the Client must choose between 3 options:
• to place an order as a guest (without creating a customer account) ;
• to identify him - or herself with a user name and a password (hereinafter the 'Secure Access Codes’) in order to place an order using his or her customer account ;
• to place order by creating a customer account. The customer account gives access to the ‘Michel & me’ personal area, where among other functions order progress may be monitored and invoices consulted.

The Vendor may not be held liable for inaccurate information submitted by the Client. The Client shall be responsible at all times for maintaining the security of his or her Secure Access Codes. Thus any purchases carried out using the Client’s Secure Access Codes shall be deemed to have been carried out by the Client him - or herself as owner of these identifying credentials. Should the Client lose or forget the Secure Access Codes, he or she may ask to be re-sent them by clicking on ‘Forgot password’ in the ‘Michel & me’ section (accessible by clicking on the button at top left). The relevant Secure Access Codes will then be sent to the email address indicated by the Client when he or she registered on the Site.

To finalize the order, the Client must:
• confirm his or her delivery and invoicing address, or indicate a new delivery address for the Territory and / or for invoicing purposes,
• read through the present GTCS and explicitly accept them by ticking the ‘I accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale’ box before paying for the order. The Client is then invited to settle the amount payable for the order, by clicking on ‘Pay’ and so enabling access to secure payment for it.
The sale shall only be considered definitive after the Vendor sends the Client confirmation of acceptance of the order by email and cashes the amount due upon dispatch of the Articles, the Client formally agreeing to an email being used by the Vendor to confirm the contents of the order. The Client may follow the progress of the order via the Site and may contact the Vendor’s customer services department (hereinafter the ‘Customer Service Department’) by telephone on the number indicated in the ‘Contact‘ section or by email at the address The Vendor reserves the right to refuse to fulfil orders received from a Client with whom it is in dispute until said dispute is entirely settled, or orders that are abnormal or abusive in nature or that contravene the provisions of the GTCS.

Article 3 - Information regarding the Articles

3.1. - Characteristics of the Articles
The greatest attention is devoted by the Vendor to the characteristics, descriptions, colours, photographs and representations of the Articles on the Site, and said Articles are presented there in the most precise and accurate manner possible (in terms of specifications, illustrations, size, composition, etc.). However the information thus provided may not be considered contractual, and the Vendor may not be held liable in the event of any errors, any minimal variations in the presentation of the Articles, or any differences in perception that may arise therefrom. The Client is invited to consult the description provided of each Article in order to establish its properties and specific features, in particular with regard to the characteristics and size sought, as the process of choosing and purchasing an Article shall be the sole responsibility of the Client. The Client may also contact Customer Service at any time by email at the address or by telephone on the number indicated in the ‘Contact‘ section.

3.2. - Availability of Articles
The Articles presented on the Site are available for sale while stocks last. Should supplies of an Article run out despite the best efforts of the Vendor, the Vendor shall be responsible for notifying the Clients via the Site and / or immediately by any appropriate means (telephone call or email) in the course of an order. In the event of the unavailability of an Article after the relevant order is confirmed, the Vendor may offer the Client another Article of an equivalent quality and price. The cost of sending the equivalent Article shall be borne by the Vendor. The Vendor may not be held liable if supplies of Articles run out or they become unavailable.

 Article 4 - Prices and terms of payment
4.1. - Prices
The prices of Articles are given in euros or in pounds sterling if the delivery address is in United Kingdom, inclusive of all taxes. They do not include delivery costs, which vary according to the place of delivery and are indicated prior to validation of the order. The Vendor reserves the right to alter its prices at any time, without notice. However the prices payable by the Client for Articles shall correspond to the list in effect on the Site when the order is placed, and the Vendor may not alter them once the order has been validated.

4.2. - Conditions and procedures for payment
The total amount owed by the Client is displayed before definitive validation of the order takes place on the Site. Payment of the amount owed for the order must be carried out on the Site by means of a Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard or American Express card or with a PayPal account. To make a payment, the Client must provide certain information regarding the bank card, including the name of the card holder, the card number, its expiry date and its security number. Payment for the order is carried out by means of the Adyen secure payment solution. The payment shall be deemed to have been validated after confirmation of the payment agreement by the issuing organization. If payment is rejected by the bank, the order shall automatically be cancelled and the Vendor released from all obligations and liability regarding the Client.

Article 5 - Delivery - Transfer of risk

5.1. - Delivery procedures
The Vendor only delivers the Articles within the Territory. Deliveries are made exclusively by TNT within France and by Fedex in the rest of the Territory. The Client will receive delivery of the Articles, at the address indicated by him or her when placing the order on the Site, within thirty (30) days at most of encashment of the payment due for them by the Vendor. No deliveries will be made to post office boxes. The Client will bear any consequences (delays in delivery, failure to deliver, additional delivery costs, etc.) that may result from any inaccuracies or gaps in the information provided by him or her for the purposes of delivery. The conditions, prices, and schedules of delivery may be consulted by clicking on the ‘Payment and delivery’ link. When the order is dispatched, the Client will receive an email announcing this. The Client may follow the progress made with regard to delivery of his or her order using the package reference number supplied by the Vendor. If the Client is not present when delivery takes place, the carrier shall if appropriate leave a calling card informing him or her of the procedure and time limits applicable for collection of the package: thus the delivery shall be deemed to have been carried out by the Vendor, who shall as a consequence be released from all obligations and liability regarding the Client.

5.2. - Delays in delivery
In the event of a failure to deliver or of a delay in delivery, the Client send the Vendor an email as promptly as possible at the address or contact Customer Service on the number indicated in the ‘Contact’ section. The Vendor shall if appropriate contact the carrier so that inquiries may be made. If delivery is not carried out by the stipulated deadline, and this is not the result of an occurrence of force majeure as defined by French case law or of a strike arising for any reason, the Client shall be entitled to request cancellation of the sale by contacting Customer Service at the address or by telephoning the number indicated in the ‘Contact’ section. The Client shall then be refunded the amount paid for the order within fourteen (14) calendar days at most of cancellation of the contract. Except under special circumstances, or in the event of non-availability of one or more Articles, the Articles ordered shall be delivered in one consignment. Deliveries are carried out by an independent carrier.

5.3. - Acceptance of the Articles
Verification and acceptance of the Articles ordered, demonstrated by the signature of the Client or of any other authorized recipient on the delivery note, shall bring about the transfer of risk to the Client. It is therefore up to the Client to verify the number and condition of the Articles when they are delivered by the carrier. If the order being received is visibly damaged or does not correspond to the order, the Client must refuse to accept the Articles, after providing the carrier with a written expression of the customary reservations, as required and in sufficient detail (package open, article(s) damaged or missing, etc.). The Vendor must be informed of any anomalies with regard to delivery of the Articles, by means of an email sent to the address, or via the number indicated in the ‘Contact’ within 5 business days at most of the delivery of the package. After this deadline has passed, unless these formalities have been complied with, the Articles shall be deemed to be free from any apparent defects, and no claims in this respect may be validly accepted by the Vendor, notwithstanding the provisions of article 7 (‘ Guarantee ’).
Claims relating to apparent defects in the Articles shall only be accepted if they are made in accordance with the above procedure, with all the relevant documentary evidence. The Customer Services department will oversee the Client’s claim, informing him or her of the information required to enable as satisfactory a response as possible to be provided to his or her claim, (in particular, this department may ask the Client to send photographs of the apparent defects) and will organize at its own expense the return of the defective Articles. In the event of a refusal, or of the return of the Article by the Client justified by an error in the delivery operation or of the non-compliance of an Article under the conditions stipulated above, the Vendor shall proceed, as it sees fit, either to refund the amount paid for the Article(s) concerned within 14 or to re-send the missing Article(s).

Article 6 - Right of withdrawal
The Client has 14 full days as from the date of acceptance of the Articles (as evidenced by the sending date) in which to exercise his or her right of withdrawal by completing the return form provided in the package or by making an unambiguous declaration expressing his or her wish to withdraw from the transaction. The Client has 14 full days as from the announcement of his or her decision to withdraw from the transaction in which to send back the Articles. The Articles must be returned in their entirety, in their original packaging, with the labels still attached and intact, to the following address: Maison Michel - Société Maison Michel, 120 rue Henri Barbusse, 93300 Aubervilliers, with the costs and the liability arising from the return of the Articles being borne by the Client.
The Articles cannot be handed back to a Maison Michel store nor to a retail outlet selling Maison Michel articles. The Vendor will not make any refunds if the Articles returned by the Client do not correspond to the Articles ordered or have an origin other than the Site. The Client may incur liability in the event of an Article suffering damage as a result of handling other than that required to try on the Article in a manner that would be allowed were he or she in a store, in particular by wearing the Article.
The Client must as a consequence try on the Article with all necessary precautions, and in particular must retain in place the protective film designed for this purpose. Upon receipt of the Articles at the address indicated above, if the conditions listed above have been fulfilled, the Vendor shall acknowledge receipt of your request by email and then refund the amount paid for the Articles within 14 days at most of (i) the return of the Articles or (ii) the date on which the Client provided proof of the dispatch of the Articles (the applicable date being the first of the above occurrences), while the rest of the order shall remain firm and definitive.
The delivery costs incurred for delivery of the order shall also be refunded to the Client provided the Articles are returned in full. Failing this, the Client shall be deemed to have benefited from delivery of the remaining products. Refund shall be carried out using the means of payment used by the Client for his or her original payment or, by agreement with the Client, using any other means of payment at no extra cost to the Client (bank transfer).
If Articles are returned after the deadline set fourteen (14) days as from the Client’s decision to withdraw (as evidenced by the postmark), or if the above conditions are not met, the Vendor may refuse to refund the Client. In the event of such a refusal, the Articles may be returned to the Client at his or her expense, if this is requested within 2 months.

Article 7 - Guarantees

7.1. - Quality of the Articles
The Vendor guarantees that the Articles comply with the applicable standards and regulations in force in terms of quality, traceability, safety and consumer protection, as well as composition, labelling and marking.

7.2. - Statutory Guarantee
The Vendor is bound by the statutory guarantee of compliance and by the guarantee relating to defects in items sold. As indicated in article 5.3 of the GTCS, the Client is invited to check compliance of the Articles received in fulfilment of his or her order and, if a defect is noted, to contact the Customer Services department by email at the address or by telephone on the number indicated in the ‘Contact‘ section. Customer Service will then oversee the claim, informing the Client of the procedures for returning the Article and then for its replacement or the provision of a refund.
Article L211-4 of the consumer code: ‘The vendor is required to deliver an item that complies with the provisions of the contract and is answerable for any non-compliance at the time of the delivery'.The vendor is also answerable for any non-compliance that arises from the packaging, and the instructions for assembly or installation if the vendor’s is required to provide such a service, or to supervise its provision, under the terms of the contract.'
Article L211-5 of the consumer code: ‘In order to be compliant with the provisions of the contract, the item must : 1 - be suitable for the purpose generally expected for an item of this kind and, if applicable : - correspond to the description provided by the vendor and possess the qualities presented by the vendor to the purchaser by means of a sample or a model ; - present the qualities that a purchaser may legitimately expect, given the public declarations made by the vendor, the manufacturer, or its representative, in particular in advertising material and labelling ; 2 - or else present the characteristics defined by joint agreement between the parties or be suitable for any particular use intended for it by the purchaser, brought to the attention of the vendor and accepted by it.’
Article L211-12 of the consumer code: ‘Any legal action arising from non-compliance must be taken within two years of delivery of the item.’
Article 1641 of the civil code: ‘The vendor is bound by the guarantee relating to latent defects in the item sold that render it unsuitable for the use intended for it, or that restrict the use to such an extent that the purchaser would not have acquired it, or would only have acquired it at a lesser price, had it been aware of said defects.’ Article 1648 paragraph 1 of the civil code: ‘Any legal action arising from insurmountable defects must be instigated by the purchaser within two years of discovery of the defect concerned.’
If replacement of the Article is impossible, or cannot be implemented within one (1) month of receipt of the Article concerned by the Vendor, the Client shall then have the options of returning the Article and requesting a refund of the price paid for it or of retaining the Article and obtaining refund of a proportion of the price. The guarantee does not cover damage arising from an external factor (accident, impact, etc.) or from a failing on the part of the Client resulting from deployment or use that is non-compliant with and / or inappropriate for the characteristics of the Article.

 Article 8 - Information technology and civil liberties
The Client is informed that the information obtained in connection with his or her order undergoes computerized data-processing. By application of the provisions of law n° 78-17 passed on the 6th January 1978 and relating to information technology, computer files and civil liberties, known as the ‘Law on Information Technology and Civil Liberties’, as amended by the law passed on the 6th August 2004, it is stipulated that the personal data requested from the Client are required for the processing of his or her order and are intended for internal use by the Vendor, which may nevertheless forward them to third parties, to goods carriers or to banks, to enable the orders placed by the Client to be dealt with in a satisfactory manner. The Vendor may also use said data in order to send the Client offers of Articles, with prior permission from the Client. The Client has the right to access, modify and remove information ‘Michel & me’ area. The Client may exercise this right by contacting the Customer Service department by email at the address or by telephone on the number indicated in the ‘Contact’ section. This automated processing of data is in particular intended to assist in combatting bank card fraud. The Vendor may ask the Client for documentary evidence (identity documents bearing the name of the cardholder, proof of residential address, etc.). Should the Client refuse to provide these documents or this information, the Vendor may cancel the order and refund the amount paid for the Article.

 Article 9 - The Vendor’s liability arising from the Site
The Vendor shall not be liable in any way if, through occurrences of force majeure, of events outside its control, or of demonstrated necessity, it closes the Site, cancels one or more orders, or alters the General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The Vendor shall not be liable in the event of : - malicious interventions, - problems with telephone, internet or postal services, - problems with equipment or software, - problems accessing the Site’s server, - destruction of the information supplied by Clients for reasons not attributable to the Vendor, - malfunctions in software or equipment, - human errors or electrical problems, - disruption that may affect the smooth running of the Site or the accomplishment of a purchase on the Site. In all cases, if the satisfactory administrative and / or technical processing of a purchase on the Site is disrupted by a virus, a computer bug, an unauthorized human intervention or any other cause outside the control of the Vendor, the Vendor reserves the right to discontinue the transaction in progress. Likewise, the fact of instigating a purchase on the Site implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, the absence of protection of certain data from possible misappropriation or piracy and the risks of contamination by any viruses that may be circulating on the network. The Vendor may close the Site, cancel or suspend one or more orders, or alter the conditions applicable thereto if it appears that fraud of any form - in particular online fraud - has taken place. Under such circumstances, it reserves the right to refrain from supplying items to the fraudsters and / or to take legal action against them in the courts holding jurisdiction in the matter.

Article 10 - Intellectual property
The Site, as well as each of its component elements - notably but not exclusively the text, images, photographs, illustrations, and if applicable sound and music, as well as the underlying technology - are, unless stipulated otherwise the exclusive property of the Vendor or of its partner companies. As a consequence, by application of the provisions of the French intellectual property code, of the laws and regulations of all countries and of the relevant international agreements, any reproduction or representation - including by downloading or transmission by any means - in full, in part and / or in modified form, of the Site or any of its component elements, is prohibited, as is the adaptation or translation thereof. Hypertext links to the Site using framing or in-line or deep linking techniques are strictly prohibited. In all cases, links must immediately be removed as soon as the Vendor so requests. The company names, trademarks, logos and distinguishing signs appearing on the Site are legally protected ; the reproduction or use of all or any of these elements, by any means and on any basis, is strictly prohibited. In accordance with current legislation, legal action will be taken against any party who reproduces in full or in part the Maison Michel Paris trademarks or the Vendor’s designs and / or models purchased or seen by said party. Nor may information enabling the reproduction in full or in part of these designs and / or models be transmitted to any third party, and anyone doing this shall be guilty of complicity in offences committed.

 Article 11 - Correspondence
Any questions and / or correspondence and / or claims regarding the Site and / or an order placed via the Site, must be sent - at the Client’s expense - to the Customer Service department by email at the address or communicated by telephone on the number indicated in the ‘Contact’ section. No account shall be taken of claims presented in Maison Michel stores or in retail outlets selling Maison Michel branded articles, and no exchanges shall be offered.

 Article 12 - Force majeure
The Vendor shall not be liable for any total or partial failure to fulfil its obligations under a sales contract or the present GTCS, if this failure arises as a result of an occurrence of ‘force majeure’ under the conditions defined by the case law of the ‘Cour de Cassation’ (Procedural Appeals Court) including notably but not exclusively, natural catastrophes, actions by the public authorities, embargos, strikes by goods carriers, exceptional weather conditions preventing production, insurrections, riots, and / or disruption to power supplies. In such cases, when the Vendor is affected by the occurrence of force majeure it shall notify the Client by email within ten (10) days at most of the occurrence of force majeure taking place, indicating the anticipated consequences and duration, and shall do all it can to limit the impact thereof. The fulfilment of obligations shall recommence as normal as soon as the occurrence of force majeure ceases and the Vendor has duly informed the Client of this development. If the interruption due to force majeure continues for a period in excess of one (1) month, the Client may ask the Vendor by email at the address or by telephone on the number indicated in the ‘Contact’ section.

Article 13 - Partial invalidity
In the event that one or more stipulations in the GTCS are deemed to be invalid, or declared to be invalid by application of a law or regulation, or following a definitive ruling by a court holding jurisdiction in the matter, the other stipulations in the GTCS shall nevertheless continue to apply under the same terms and conditions.

Article 14 - Settlement of disputes

14.1. - Provision of proof
Online acceptance of the GTCS constitutes an electronic signature which has the same value between the parties as a handwritten signature. The documents and digital records stored in the Vendors IT systems shall be retained in reasonable conditions as regards security, and shall be considered to constitute proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties. These elements may be produced as evidence before the courts holding jurisdiction in the matter in the event of a dispute.

14.2. - Applicable law / disputes
The present GTCS are governed by French law, with the exception of those of its provisions that stipulate the application of the laws of another country. Any disagreements regarding the application, interpretation or consequences of the GTCS that cannot be settled on an amicable basis must be submitted to the courts of Paris, France, unless they relate to specific provisions that stipulate that a foreign court shall hold jurisdiction.

Special Offer Terms and Conditions

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Privacy Policy

The Maison Michel Privacy Policy is accessible on any pages of (hereinafter the "Site") by clicking the "Privacy Policy" link. This Maison Michel Paris Privacy Policy is applicable to the Site by selecting “English” in the home page. Different personal data policies may apply in other countries or world regions where a local version of the Site exists. You expressly acknowledge and agree that your personal data may be collected on the Site.

1. General Information
This Privacy Policy sets forth how Maison Michel Paris collects and uses your personal data and informs you about the measures taken to ensure the protection of your personal data while you use the Site, pursuant to French law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 on Data processing, files and individual liberties (hereinafter the "Data processing, files and individual liberties Law") as amended by French law n°2004-801 of August 6, 2004 relating to the Protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. Maison Michel Paris protects the privacy of the users of its Site by complying with the applicable regulations in force.

 2. Data Collection, Use, and Storage

2.1 Data Collection

Identifiable personal information
Maison Michel Paris is likely to collect directly your identifiable personal information, namely via the “Contact” section, when you subscribe to Maison Michel Paris Newsletter, or when you create a customer account on the Online Store. “Identifiable personal information” refers to information related to you as an individual, communicated by you by using the application form on the Site, or that Maison Michel Paris collects within the framework of your use of the Site and which, whatever their nature, constitutes direct or indirect identifiable personal information. Identifiable personal information includes personal information (such as your first and last name, contact information, and photographs, as provided by you) as well as electronic identification data available on or from your computer (such as cookies or IP addresses).

Your electronic identification data makes it possible to identify and geolocalize (with no more precision than the city) your Internet connection terminal and the pages you visited while using the Site. As such, electronic identification data generally cannot be used to identify you personally.

"Flash"© Cookies from "Adobe Flash Player"™

"Adobe Flash Player"™ is a computer application that can be used to quickly develop dynamic content using the "Flash" computer language. Flash (and similar applications) memorizes the settings, preferences, and use of such content by means of a technology similar to cookies. However, "Adobe Flash Player"™ manages relevant information and your preferences via a different interface than the one supplied by your browsing software. Considering that your terminal may view content developed with Flash, we invite you to access your Flash cookie management resources directly from the website

Social Networks
Maison Michel Paris publishes a page that presents and provides information on Maison Michel Paris on different social networks such as facebook™, twitter™ or Instagram. You can follow Maison Michel Paris pages. Personal information that you have designated as public and that is accessible from your profile can be accessed by Maison Michel Paris. Maison Michel Paris does not create or use any databases unaffiliated with those social networks that are compiled from any personal information you publish on it.

If you wish to block Maison Michel Paris from accessing the personal information that you have published on your profile (and which is publicly visible), we remind you that Social Networks parameters allow you to control and/or restrict access to your information. We recommend that you check the identifiable personal information policy of those Social Networks on a regular basis.

Online Store Maison Michel Paris is likely to collect your identifiable personal information when you create a consumer account in the Online Store, in particular to enable you to place an order online.

2.2 Data Use
The information you provide on the Site enables Maison Michel Paris to:
* Process your questions and requests for information;
* Assess the Site's audience;
* Address you, subject to your agreement, promotional content;
* Send you the Newsletter you have subscribed for;
* Forward catalogs;
* Provide information on Maison Michel Paris products;
* Inform you of events organized by Maison Michel Paris.
Mandatory information required by Maison Michel Paris to carry out the above tasks is marked with an asterisk on the different pages of the Site. All other information is optional. It helps us to know you better and to improve our communication and the services we offer you. The information collected by Maison Michel Paris is, in particular, your first and last name, your mailing address, your email address, your date of birth and your telephone number.

2.3 Data Storage
Maison Michel Paris may store your identifiable personal information for a period of up to ten years following the last date of contact. Cookies used to analyze traffic on the Site are stored for thirteen months.

3. Cookies
Cookies cannot be used to identify you. However, they record information relating to (i) your computer's use of the Site (the pages you visit, the date and time of your visit, etc.), which Maison Michel Paris may use during subsequent visits, or (ii) the number of times Maison Michel Paris promotional content is displayed on third-party sites or applications, or (iii) the opening and the reading of electronic communication that Maison Michel Paris may address you, subject to your agreement Maison Michel Paris may collect information by installing a cookie or web beacon on your computer via the Site or count clicks for components sent by Maison Michel Paris.

Maison Michel Paris may also memorize connection and login preferences and information relating to use of online services. Depending on the settings you choose for your terminal, which you can change at any time, the cookies that Maison Michel Paris installs via the Site do the following:
• determine statistics and volumes relating to traffic and use of the Site's various components (sections and content visited, and paths used), which help improve the relevance and user-friendliness of the services offered to you;
• provide services and internet browsing that best suit your needs; and
• count clicks for components of online services.

Some services that Maison Michel Paris offers you on line can only be used using functional cookies. Relating to those services, you can at any time reverse your opinion by using one of those services. If you wish Maison Michel Paris do not place parts or all Cookies as above mentioned, you can share your decision with us by clicking here.

Maison Michel Paris hereby informs you that you can also disable the installation of cookies by configuring your browser as follows:
• for Mozilla Firefox: select the "Tools" menu, then "Options". Click the "Privacy" icon, locate the "Cookies" menu and select your preferred options;
• for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and later: select the "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options". Click the "Confidentiality" tab and use the cursor to select the level desired;
• for Opera 6.0 and later: from the "File" menu, select "Preferences", then click on "Privacy" and select your preferred options;
• for Safari: from the Safari menu, select "Preferences", then click on "Security" and select your preferred options.

4. Sharing and disclosure of Identifiable Personal Data
The data collected shall be provided only to Maison Michel Paris. Maison Michel Paris will not transmit your identifiable personal information to third parties unless:
* you gave us your prior consent about the sharing of this information (for example, for a special promotional event);
* Maison Michel Paris is required to share such information with its distributors or service providers, in particular, its technical service providers, to supply a service that you have requested (for example, sending a Newsletter); or
* Maison Michel Paris receives a request from a judicial authority or any other legally authorized administrative authority asking that such information be disclosed in compliance with the laws in force. Maison Michel Paris will use its best efforts to ensure the confidentiality and security of identifiable personal information that has been collected when transmitting it to the aforementioned entities. When you introduce a Maison Michel Paris brand product to someone you know using the "Share" function provided on the Site, the information you enter is used only to send your message. It is not stored by Maison Michel Paris or used for any other purpose. You are solely responsible for any messages you send to people you know using the "Share" function.

5. Data Transmitted by the Site
Users other than as Requested by Maison Michel Paris Maison Michel Paris requests that you refrain from transmitting any content that is not requested via a questionnaire or any other collection form, such as commercial information, advertisements, personal creations, ideas, or concepts, etc. When you provide identifiable personal information in particular multimedia contents (photography, video, etc.), you undertake to communicate accurate information, which do not harm third party's rights or interests.

6. Security Measures
Maison Michel Paris will use its best efforts to protect your identifiable personal information against damage, loss, disclosure, misappropriation, intrusion, alteration, and destruction. Maison Michel Paris information systems are protected by state-of-the-art hardware and software security systems. Physical and electronic safeguard procedures are implemented in connection with data collected on the Site, in accordance with the applicable French laws governing personal data protection. Any Maison Michel Paris employees who, in the course of their work, might have access to your identifiable personal information agree to hold it in the strictest confidence. However, Maison Michel Paris has no control over the risks in connection with the functioning of the Internet and draws your attention to the existence of potential risks in terms of loss of data and confidentiality of the data transiting via this network. Access to information proposed on the Site might be interrupted for high priority events or beyond Maison Michel Paris reasonable control, or reasons which do not fall under Maison Michel Paris scope of responsibility. Maison Michel Paris has set up a secure payment system for all orders placed on the Online Store. Payments are made on an external platform through a payment service provider in compliance with the data security standards PCI DSS. 

7. Individual Rights Relating to Collected Data

7.1 Right to Access, Modify, Correct, and Delete Data
You have a general right to access, modify, correct, and delete data that concerns you. To exercise your right please send your request to our Customer Service Department :
• by mail: by writing to 120 rue Henri Barbusse 93300 Aubervilliers;
• by e-mail: by writing to;
• by telephone: by calling the following phone number +, Monday to Friday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM CEST time.

To process your request, please send us the following information required for identification purposes: your first and last name, your email address, and possibly your mailing address.

7.2 Unsubscribing
The Site offers users a free "Newsletter" or "Letter of information" services which you are free to subscribe to and which contains information such as information on Maison Michel Paris products range, or also information on news, events;, creators, etc. Maison Michel Paris offers to Users of the Site who no longer wish to receive it to unsubscribe by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of each Newsletter. Your request will be taken into account promptly.

8. Use of Data
In the Event of a Change of Corporate Control Data collected by Maison Michel Paris may be transferred to third parties within the framework of a change of corporate control, an acquisition, bankruptcy proceedings, or the sale of company assets.

9. Identifiable personal information Policy and Minors
The Site is not targeted towards minors. However, access to the Site is not reserved for adults, as it does not present any content prohibited for minors under the age of 18. However, online sale is reserved for consumers over the age of 18. The Site forms and questionnaires are not aimed at collecting information on minors. If information on a minor has been collected by the Site, the minor's legal representative can contact Maison Michel Paris Customer Service Department to correct, modify, or delete the information (see article 7.1.)

10. Identifiable personal information Policy Updates
The identifiable personal information Policy may be modified by Maison Michel Paris at any time. Should Maison Michel Paris wish to use your personal data other than as stipulated in the identifiable personal information Policy in force at the time of data collection, notice of any such modifications will be posted on the Site in a visible manner and you will also receive notice by email if you have subscribed to the Newsletter. With regard to any changes which may be made to the identifiable personal information Policy, we invite you to check the "identifiable personal information" section on a regular basis.

11. Questions / Contact
For any questions or comments relating to the identifiable personal information Policy or the manner in which Maison Michel Paris collects and uses your identifiable personal information, please contact our Customer Service Department:
• by mail: by writing to 120 rue Henri Barbusse 93300 Aubervilliers;
• by e-mail: by writing to;
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Legal Mentions

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1. Contact Information
The Website is published by Maison Michel, société Maison Michel, Société par actions simplifiée with capital of €250,000, with its principal office located at 120 rue Henri Barbusse, 93300 Aubervilliers, France registered in the Pantin Trade and Companies Register under number 815 340 336 (EU VAT Number: : FR 53 815 340 336) – Telephone number : +33 (0) Its Publication Director is Mrs. Catherine Jacquet, General Director of Maison Michel.

For any questions, please contact us:
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For any questions regarding your order placed on the Online Store, please contact our Online Store Customer Service :
• by telephone: by calling the following phone number +33 (0), Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm CEST time ;
• by e-mail: by writing to

The Website is hosted by Claranet, 68 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris, France. Telephone: + 33 (0) Access and Use of the Site and its content is subject to the following legally binding Terms. By accessing and using the Site, you unconditionally agree to the following.


2. Intellectual Property Rights
Maison Michel and/or its affiliates worldwide own the domain names The Site is a creative work protected by intellectual property laws. The Site as a whole, any products sold on it, and each of its individual components (including text, tree structures, software, animations, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, logos, trademarks, designs, and models) are the exclusive property of Maison Michel and/or its affiliates worldwide and/or a licence of the rights has been regularly granted to Maison Michel. Maison Michel and/or its affiliates worldwide is/are solely authorized to use the intellectual property rights related to them.

Use of all or part of the Site, in particular by means of downloading, reproduction, transmission, display, or distribution other than for your own personal or private use, for commercial or other purposes, is strictly prohibited. Violations are subject to the penalties provided by law. By using the Site's "Share" function to introduce a Maison Michel product, event or communication to others, you acknowledge and agree that the content made available for sharing may be used only for strictly personal use, which excludes any commercial use on websites or web pages and/or any other digital media for commercial purposes. Hypertext links to the Sites can only be created with the prior written authorization of Maison Michel Paris, which may revoke this authorization at any time. Websites which have hyperlink to the Sites may not all be controlled by Maison Michel Paris, which consequently disclaims any liability (particularly editorial) in connection with the access to such websites and their content. Maison Michel is free to modify the Site's content at any time, without notice.

3. Warranties and Liability
Maison Michel makes every effort to ensure that the information accessible via the Sites is accurate, complete and up-to-date. However, Maison Michel gives no guarantee whatsoever that this information is accurate, complete and up to date. Maison Michel does not give any express or implied guarantee concerning all or any part of the Sites. Subject to the specific provisions governing the online sales, Maison Michel may not in any circumstances be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, whatever its cause, origin, nature and consequences, arising out of the consultation or use of the Sites. In particular, Maison Michel disclaims all liability for any interruption or inaccessibility of the Sites, any occurrence of bugs or any damage resulting from fraudulent acts by third parties (such as intrusion) from the Sites. Maison Michel has put in place means intended to ensure the security of the files composed from the personal data collected on the Sites. Maison Michel has no control over risks in connection with the functioning of Internet and draws your attention to the existence of potential risks arising in terms of confidentiality of the data transiting via this network. For any questions regarding warranties and liabilities applicable to the Online Store, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Sales of Maison Michel.

4. Display of prices
Prices posted on the Site are quoted in Euros (or in Pound Sterling if your IP is localized in United Kingdom), and include all applicable taxes. For an order placed on the Online Store, delivery costs are to be added to the total amount of the order including all applicable taxes. The indicated prices on the Online Store have contractual value and are equivalent to the product's sale prices directed at the consumers. Further information on prices is available under the headline "Prices" of the General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

5. Changes to Legal Notice
Maison Michel informs you that these Terms may be modified at any time. Publication of any modifications shall take place upon being put on line and you are deemed to have accepted them unconditionally when you access the Sites after they have been put on line. We recommend that you consult this page regularly.

6. Disputes
These Terms have been drawn up pursuant to French law (exclusive of its provisions referring to the application of foreign law), and in particular to the provisions of French law n°2004-575 of June 21, 2004 regarding the trustworthiness of the electronic economy, French law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 on Data processing, files and individual liberties as amended by French law n°2004-801 of August 6, 2004 relating to the Protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. The French courts of Paris have territorial jurisdiction to hear any dispute relating to the Site excluding rules of special jurisdiction competence, in particular in the event of a dispute with a consumer.

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