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Our Bridal Collection : a line of wedding hats and accessories that celebrates love
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Our know-how and atelier


Discover the exceptional craftmanship of the House and follow the hatters and milliners as they fashion the iconic hats and accessories, according to a unique and precious savoirfaire carefully handed down from generation to generation. A never-ending quest for perfection.

Chapter 1 – The Felt

Step into this exceptional atelier, where expert hands move busily to the sounds of the steam bell, primping brushes and tapping hammers. Step by step, the hatmaker sculpts the felt to create the Virginie. Signature piece of Maison Michel’s assertive style, the Virginie design is instantly recognizable thanks to its comma placed at the center of the crown and its pure and sophisticated lines.

Chapter 2 – The Sewn Straw

Thanks to the expert hands of the milliners and the Weismann sewing machine, the reels of four tones hemp straw are spiral sewn and alternated to create the most audacious hat shapes. A combination of highly precise gestures made in the purest tradition of hat making, carefully handed down from generation to generation.

Chapter 3 – The Woven Straw

The natural woven straw is soaked, prepared, dried and then fixed onto a wooden block. It is manipulated many times by the expert hands of the hatter to give it its final shape, a hat with pure and timeless lines. Thanks to the delicate gestures of the milliners and the attention to detail, the straw hat is rendered sublime, revealing all the originality of this must-have piece.

Chapter 4 – The Turban

Fabric stretching, drapery or even embellishment… So many delicate techniques mastered by our artisans throughout the decades. With their everlasting passion and attention to detail, milliners are able to craft refined yet ambitious pieces, starting from a simple piece of fabric. 

Chapter 5 – Bridal Collection

Discover the poetic details and meticulous handiwork of the milliners on the JACKIE creation, one of the 15 exceptional pieces of the bridal collection. With their everlasting passion and meticulousness, milliners reinterpret and embellish Maison Michel’s most iconic pieces to create magical memories. An invitation to enter the ateliers and discover the craftmanship secrets of a white felt pillbox, adorned with a diaphanous bow in tulle and a gold Maison Michel medallion. JACKIE will stay by your side for a lifetime.