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New Bonnie veil

white rabbit felt beret with veil.

610 *


Size guide
S56 cm
M58 cm
L60 cm

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This white rabbit felt beret New Bonnie is the result of the Maison Michel craftsmanship and it is part of the special Maison Michel bridal capsule collection. To achieve this elegant curved shape, the beret has been moulded on a wood block of five pieces. It is decorated with a white Maison Michel logo and its small veil in soft netting can be tucked inside the hat so it may be worn on any less formal occasion. The beret has a discreet buckle inside that allows you to carry it or hang it wherever you want.

Raw materials used for manufacturing of this product is fragile. Its light color requires special attention in order to avoid tasks and soiling.

100% Rabbit felt - Embellishment - 100% Polyamid


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