Legacy Parade



Legacy Parade Edition #1

Maison Michel offers 9 limited edition exceptional pieces in exclusivity in the London boutique.

Freedom, a principle so dear to Priscilla Royer in her creative process, is the starting point of the limited edition “Legacy Parade” collection, based around two concepts: how to bring materials forgotten in the milliner’s stock rooms back to life and how to use the house’s extravagant and historic hat forms to make exceptional pieces.

The “Legacy Parade” collection is free of any constraints imposed by the fashion calendar or the seasons, it is the singular expression of Priscilla Royer’s obsession with the cult of personality at Maison Michel. Noble materials such a polka-dot printed silk, a very thin sewn straw known as picot straw and a plumetis tulle offer all sorts of possibilities to embellish whimsical berets and bowler hats with ears.

“Legacy” echoes the heritage of the milliner’s unique savoir-faire and “Parade” illustrates the pure, immediate and spontaneous creativity of this collection. These pieces are destined for the sophisticated hat lover who seeks exclusivity.

Discover Legacy Parade Edition #1, available now in exclusivity in the London boutique at 26 Conduit Street.

Legacy Parade Edition #2 will be available in exclusivity in our Parisian boutique at 22 rue Cambon in January 2021.