Maison Michel Paris

Paul wears Lucky

Anastasia wears André

Océane wears Ygor

"Whatcha say Norma?"

Sonya wears Virginie

"Incognito mode activated, Jamie on."

Dylan wears Nick

Océane wears Virginie

  • [VIDEO NAME] - Maison Michel

"Auguste + jumpsuit
= flare in the air!"

Paul wears Charles

Anastasia wears Isabella

Paul wears Kiki

"Henrietta sticks, Mr fantastic."

Sonya wears Pierre

Paul wears Henrietta

"Get yourself an attitude, grab a Charles!"

Angélique wears Kate

Angélique wears Auguste

Virginie Maison Michel Paris

Océane wears Virginie

Andre Maison Michel Paris

Alexandre wears Sally

"Gracy Party!"

Angie Maison Michel Paris

Sonya wears Angie

Viktoria wears Mika

Aleksandra wears Ashley

Sue Maison Michel Paris

Emilie wears Sue

Fiona Maison Michel Paris

Greta wears Fiona

"Let's celebrate with Blair!"

Nick Bow Maison Michel Paris

Océane wears Nick Bow

Paul wears Kiki

"André! Chic!"

Greta wears Elodie

Isa wears Loan

Mika Maison Michel Paris

Greta wears Mika

"Tie style with Ygor, so what?"

Aleksandra wears Loan

Maison Michel
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