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Stéphane Ashpool – EN

“Figure Libre” by Stéphane Ashpool

From 27 March to 16 June 2024, la Galerie du 19M is giving designer Stéphane Ashpool a carte blanche to explore the intersection of his world and the savoir-faire of the Métiers d’art.

With fashion as its starting point, the exhibition Figure libre. Stéphane Ashpool showcases multi-disciplinary works (fashion, photography, video, music, etc.) extended by regular cultural and artistic events designed with guest artists and performers. This season celebrates the power of the collective and the need for knowledge-sharing, one of le19M’s key values.

Stéphane Ashpool exhibition
© Ines Segond-Chemaï
Stephane Ashpool exhibition
© Ines Segond-Chemaï

It is an opportunity to discover how sportswear can be an art form, an approach that is not only technical — responding to the body’s need to move freely in search of performance — but also a visual celebration that honours the body through the choice of fabrics and ornamentation that celebrate athletic prowess. To coincide with the exhibition, la Galerie du 19M is organising a series of practical workshops to help visitors discover the Métiers d’art, as well as talks and weekend events bringing together artists, craftspeople, and performers working with movement.

Stephane Ashpool imagined, with Maison Michel, sculptural hats inspired by helmets and traditional caps. Unique pieces with multiple details that required, for some of them, more than 60 hours of work by our formers and milliners.